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How is Communion different from other money apps?
How is Communion different from other money apps?

Building wealth is never just about money.

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Most of us spend too much of our lives worrying about money. Worrying that we’ll never have enough. That we’ll never be enough. There's a hundred money apps. A thousand money gurus. And still, we feel chained to a cycle of anxiety, impulse spending and unavoidable expenses.

Communion is a place committed to breaking that cycle and helping you take the first steps towards financial freedom. A place where you build wealth and transform your relationship with money, £1 and 1 day at a time.

At Communion, you:

Build a saving habit that sticks

Discover the simplest and easiest way to save more of your money by joining our daily saving ritual rooted in behavioural science.

Conquer your money anxiety

Take control of the role money plays in your life with bite-sized learning from experts, and stories from people like you.

Grow your savings faster

Put your money to work in an FSCS-protected savings account with a market-leading interest rate of up to 9.94% (4.34% AER and up to 5.6% of bonus interest).

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