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How does Communion work?
How does Communion work?

Communion exists to help you build a buffer against the world and fix your relationship with money

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Saving is freedom. Freedom to live life fearlessly with more joy and less regret. Freedom to say no to the things that don’t serve you. Freedom to choose how you spend your time.

Most of us spend too much of our lives worrying about money. Worrying that we’ll never have enough. That we’ll never be enough. There are a hundred money apps. A thousand money gurus. And still, we feel chained to a cycle of anxiety, impulse spending and unavoidable expenses.

Communion is a place committed to conquering your money anxiety and helping you build wealth - £1 and 1 day at a time.

A big part of transforming your relationship with money is deepening your relationship with it. We encourage you to spend time in Communion every day. Here’s what you’ll find in the app:


Building wealth is simple but it’s not easy. There are no quick fixes or overnight successes. For this reason, we don't do stock-picking or crypto, get-rich-quick schemes or gambling. We save, religiously.

  • Join our saving movement: Open an FSCS-protected easy access Communion savings account in just 10 minutes.

  • Save £1 every day with our community: Every day, we save - keeping each other accountable and motivated. Remember to allow Communion to send you notifications!

  • Build up your Streak to embed powerful long-term money habits that make saving as addictive as spending.


Building wealth is never just about money. It’s about psychology, behaviour and understanding your relationship with it. Communion doesn’t just give you the tools to save, it trains your brain to be better at saving and helps you transform your relationship with money. We use the latest insights from psychology and behavioural science to build a saving program that actually works.

  • Listen to bite-sized stories from experts and people like you to gain financial know-how and build your financial confidence and resilience.

  • Transform your relationship with money by forming new habits, gaining new knowledge and unlearning harmful beliefs about money.

  • Find support and connection in our community: By witnessing others’ experiences of money we break the silence and lift the lid on the important money conversations.


Building wealth is a practice. The longer you save and leave your money in peace to grow, the greater the benefit. Every member of Communion has something to offer the greater whole - invite friends and share the spoils.

  • Earn up to 9.94% interest on your savings: Communion’s FSCS-protected easy access savings account comes with 4.34% AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) as standard.

  • Boost your standard interest rate by an additional 5% when your friends join you in Communion: You earn an extra 1% per referral, up to 5%.

  • Unlock other bonuses as you save: Complete your first 10-day Saving Streak and we’ll reward you with a 0.5% bonus, and keep your eyes out for other surprise rewards like our 0.1% welcome boost when you set up your Communion account.

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